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Special People
Regal X Boxers
could not exist as the international endeavor
that it has become, without the support
and participation of several people.
Foremost, my husband Keith Eitzen;
my full-time partner
in the day-to-day care,
showing, breeding and traveling.

DVM Eduardo Picazo Guerrero deserves special mention.
He is the breeder of my first boxer.
He not only taught me the "Boxer Standard" (inside and out),
but also taught me how to look at and observe a dog,
to quickly assess its overall quality.
Sandra Cruz Carrasco
is the person
entrusted to tend the
Regal X Boxers
when I am in the U.S.
or out of town with my
work.  I don’t know
how I’d manage
without her.

Carlos Roberto
Hernandez Montano, along with his wife, Ixchel Sayilt Hernandez,
are the founders of the Ix-Car Escuela de Adiestramiento Canino.  Assisting me since 1995, Carlos’ talent has been integral to our success in competition.

José Arturo Chávez Loaiza is the professional
photographer responsible for the portraits of Francesca
on this web site.  He is world-renowned in his specialty of
equestrian photography, and does "show dogs"
when he can work them into his busy schedule.
Martha Neri Esqueda is the talented graphic
artist who designed the Regal X  logo.
She is a close friend and fellow boxer enthusiast.

DVM Marco Antonio Pérez Cortés is the veterinarian
for Regal X, and is most graciously on call for us
24 hours a day and holidays.  He maintains contacts
nationally and internationally, with specialists
in various fields of veterinary medicine.