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The Regal X  family of Boxers began with a very cute, flashy, dark brindle puppy named Alexander.  Purchased as a guardian and companion, he was later to became my first show dog, first Mexican Champion, first Group 1 winner, and first obedience titled Boxer.  Alexander has his own special page on this web site.

Regal X  Boxers, at present, has it’s 6th generation in the show ring.  The bitch line can be traced directly back to my stunning Am.Mex.GCM.Ch. of the Americas, Latin American Ch. Gates Mills Absolutely Regal, T.T. (pictured with me at left, she is more simply known to her admirers as "Francesca").

Regal X  is an "in-home kennel", meaning that all are house dogs.  Even when we moved to our home in the country (on nine-tenths of an acre), I chose not to build any kennels.  Before breeding, all boxers are screened for SAS (sub-aortic stenosis) via Doppler echocardiogram (ECHO). They are screened for Boxer ARVC (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy) via 24 hour Holter monitor. Additionally, we are testing for the DM (degenerative myelopathy) gene and the ARVC gene via DNA analysis.  Each litter is carefully planned and inquiries are always welcome.

I do the majority of my own training and handling.  In addition to conformation, my Boxers work obedience and limited protection dog training.  Thus, the temperament of my dogs is a high priority.

Please enjoy your visit and I invite you to continue with..............."Francesca"

Dawn R. Droescher

No Boxer in these photos has been “touched up”.

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